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Learning From Walmart’s Checkout Page

Posted by in eCommerce | October 21, 2014


Would you like to optimize your Checkout page like the Pros?

Here are a few key points we can learn from Walmart’s Checkout page:

  • Remove site Navigation
  • Reinforce the security of this page
  • Give buttons a unique color
  • Minify your Footer
  • Use popups for necessary content

Screenshot of Walmart's Checkout Page


Remove Site Navigation

Once your customer has reached the Checkout Page, you want to funnel them through the Checkout process without being distracted or taking any different path. Removing your site’s navigation ensures that the options provided on the page are very narrow. Every link in the Checkout page is just another way to scape the Checkout process.

Reinforce the Security of this Page

Using the words “Secure Checkout” and a simple “trust seal” such as the well-known Norton badge will help support the idea of security in your customer’s mind. No one will checkout if they have the slightest idea your Checkout page is not secure. You don’t need to go overboard, just a simple text and 1 trust seal will suffice.

Give Buttons a Unique Color

Make sure that the color of your “Continue” buttons are not competing with anything else in this page. The only other element in this page using the “orange” color is the text “Secure Checkout”, this is OK as long as it is not a button or any other icons diverting the eyes of the customer.

Minify Your Footer

Again, every link in your Footer is a scape hatch! Keep them focused on completing the Checkout process by eliminating any links or unnecessary elements in the Footer of this page. Include only those elements that will support the Checkout process such as FAQ’s, Shipping information, and other help related topics. And by “Help” we mean anything that will help the customer Checkout faster.

Use Popups for Necessary Content

If you were to click on the “Get help” link on the Footer of Walmart’s Checkout Page, you would get a nice clean popup with the information you need in order to get help checking out. This popup does not have any kind of navigation, but only text, Here you can include your FAQ’s, Shipping information, Satisfaction Guarantee, etc. Make it a nice, small popup without the option to navigate anywhere else, this includes removing the address bar if possible.

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Setting Up Sales Tax on BigCommerce

Posted by in eCommerce | October 13, 2014


Avalara BigCommerce

BigCommerce has announced their partnership with Avalara tax services and starting on October 15th, 2014 all BigCommerce store owners will be able to simply select the State in which they are required to charge sales tax and the system will automatically calculate the correct rates for over 10,000 jurisdictions.

It used to be that you needed to enter your Sales Tax rates by zip code, and even for 1 State, the sales tax rates can vary from zip code to zip code making it extremely difficult to determine the correct Sales Tax for each. Sometimes online store owners ended up charging the highest rate in order to be safe and cover for all other jurisdictions, but this also worked against them, but not any more.

Avalara’s system will integrate directly into your BigCommerce store and allow for an easier-than-ever setup. Rates will also update automatically as Avalara will do all the legwork to keep their data current.

Will this help if the Internet Sales Tax gets executed? You bet!

You won’t have to deal with having to research the Sales Tax rates for every single zip code in the United States, but simply elect “Charge Sales Tax Across the entire United States” and bam! You got it.


BigCommerce – How to Solve Category Ordering

Posted by in eCommerce | October 8, 2014

Image of BigCommerce SubCategories

Category ordering is very simple in BigCommerce, just drag-and-drop. However, there seems to be an error on the current version of BigCommerce (Oct 8,2014) where dragging and dropping Subcategories does not get recorded in the Control Panel and is not reflected in the front-end of your store.

A simple way to solve this is by dragging your subcategory OUT of the parent category, dropping it at the level of the parent category and then drag-and-drop as a Subcategory of the same Parent Category again.

Try it! This should solve your problem. We haven’t confirmed if BigCommerce is working to fix this, but we are pretty sure they’ll hear from customers and resolve it in their next update.

Did this fix work for you? Leave a comment below.


Posted by in Company,eCommerce | May 15, 2014

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Facebook Checkout

Posted by in eCommerce,mCommerce | May 6, 2014

Facebook Checkout Button

Facebook will soon be improving the checkout process on eCommerce sites across the world. If you are a regular online shopper you don’t want to have to type your information every time into every online store you visit.

People trust Facebook with their most personal information and living experiences. Adding a secure way to store your billing and shipping information, as well as your preferred credit card information to shop online will allow you to checkout faster, enabling auto-fill of Checkout forms, thus making it easier to shop online.

Both online shoppers and online merchants will benefit from an easier Checkout Process.

By allowing Facebook users to auto-fill Checkout Page forms with their personal information with the click of a button.

To make it easier to shop online.

Once you click the Auto-fill button using Facebook you will only need to select the shipping method and confirm the order. That’s it! Super simple, super easy.

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BigCommerce – Facebook Checkout

Posted by in eCommerce | May 6, 2014


BigCommerce Facebook Checkout Banner

Facebook has just announced they are currently testing autofill capabilities on eCommerce websites, meaning that Facebook users will have the ability to autofill Checkout forms in order to complete their orders faster.

This is  great news for online merchants! We can’t imagine there will be any resistance adopting a feature that will reduce so much friction on the conversion process.

We all know most online shoppers drop at the last minute resulting on “abandoned carts”. Facebook checkout will minimize the amount of effort needed to complete an order.

BigCommerce Facebook Checkout

BigCommerce has always been looking for new and innovative ways to integrate Facebook as a sales channel as well as easy sharing and liking of products of its customers’ online stores.

Will BigCommerce jump on this opportunity? We sure hope so, as many BigCommerce customers would like to be able to provide this option to Facebook user and really experience the difference on conversion rates this could provide.

Would you like BigCommerce to implement Facebook Checkout?

Would you even consider an eCommerce Platform which doesn’t support Facebook Checkout once it rolls out?

Closing the Ordering Cycle

Posted by in eCommerce | April 18, 2014


Ordering Cycle


We have all been there after placing an order online. Wondering…. Did they received my order? Did I place the order correctly? I hope I got everything right. Now… where do I click next? Do I need to logout? Close the window?

These are all valid questions that popup in your customers’ heads after placing an order. So why not address them all?

Did they receive my order?

Make sure to add the necessary wording in your Order Confirmation page to assure your customer that his/her order has been received and is now being processed. Follow up with an automated email if possible to confirm the items that were ordered and when to expect them to be delivered.

Did I place the order correctly?

The Order Summary in the Order Confirmation page is important. Also, offer your phone number so the customer can call with any questions or updates to their order (think Upsell here).

Now… where do I click next?

A clear call to action with 1 button should suffice for this. Have a button in your Order Confirmation page that reads “Logout & Go to Home Page”. This will create a sense of closure to the Ordering Cycle.

Do I need to Logout?

Logging out of any website or online store after you have finished using it is a good habit. Specially on shared computers. Helping your customers logout after completing an order gives them a sense of security and protects them (and you) from unauthorized use and access of their profile, order history, and even automated return requests. Again, providing a “Logout” button in the Order Confirmation page will address this problem.

Should I close the window?

Closing a window doesn’t necessarily logs you out of a website or online store. The browser’s cookies and history could bring you back into the store as a logged in user after you open a new window and navigate back to the store. Again, logging out manually is just a good habit, so provide this option to your customers and close the Ordering Cycle.

Discussion Question:
What do you offer on your online store or website to close the Ordering Cycle and how does it work for you?


BigCommerce & the Heartbleed Bug

Posted by in eCommerce | April 13, 2014



A lot of concern has built around the BigCommerce platform user base, and with good reason.

The good news are that BigCommerce is assuring all their customers that their platform has been successfully patched and that many online stores were not even affected based on their current OpenSSL software version.

The Heartbleed Bug was an extremely dangerous vulnerability that affected hundreds of thousands of websites using the OpenSSL software package. Basically what we thought that was secure could actually be intercepted and decoded by cyber-criminals to read passwords and other sensitive information while in transit.

Here is what BigCommerce had to say about this issue:

Were Bigcommerce stores susceptible to this vulnerability?
The majority of Bigcommerce storefronts were never exposed to this vulnerability due to the version of OpenSSL in use.

Since March 26, 2014, some newer stores were provisioned on an infrastructure which used a version of OpenSSL susceptible to this vulnerability. Bigcommerce has patched the affected infrastructure and it is no longer vulnerable.

Is there anything else I need to do?
While the majority of Bigcommerce storefronts were never exposed, merchant logins are performed through and, which were susceptible to attack. Both of these websites were patched on April 7, 2014.

While there is no evidence that any sensitive information was exposed, we recommend changing your store passwords as a precaution.

-Chris Bulton (BigCommerce Staff Member)

While the Heartbleed Bug has been a big issue for many online retailers, online store running on the BigCommerce platform can rest tonight knowing their sites are secure.

Now… What about addressing the Consumers’ fear? We recommend you use one of our “Heartbleed SAFE Site” and “Heartbleed Verified SAFE Site” seals. You can learn more and download the seals from our previous post or CLICK HERE to go there now.


Trepoly BigCommerce Quote


Heartbleed Safe & Verified Safe Site Seals

Posted by in Company,eCommerce | April 13, 2014

Heartbleed Safe Site Seal
Heartbleed Verified Safe Site Seal

Heartbleed Safe Site Seal Box

Heartbleed Verified Safe Site Seal Box

With the recent developments on the Heartbleed vulnerability we went ahead and created the “Heartbleed SAFE Site” and the “Heartbleed Verified SAFE Site” seals. Now more than ever, it is of utmost importance to reassure your online store visitors that their information is safe and secure while browsing and shopping on your site.

Right-Click and Download these seals to your computer and display them prominently on all of your online store or website pages.


Both the “Heartbleed SAFE Site” and the “Heartbleed Verified SAFE Site” seals should only be used and displayed after your site has passed a thorough site scan and found to be trully SAFE, fixed, or unaffected by the Heartbleed vulnerability. Do your homework and do not mislead visitors with these badges on your site without actually checking first.

These seals are FREE TO USE.*

About the Heartbleed Vulnerability

The Heartbleed vulnerability is a bug that affects hundred of thousands of sites across the web. It’s a flaw in a software package called OpenSSL, which has been used to secure bank websites, online stores, and many other websites across the world. It was believed that websites using this method of security would not be susceptible to third-party interception of sensitive data such as passwords, however the Heartbleed bug has proven that this method was not secure and needs to be resolved immediately by those websites using the OpenSSL software package.

*Trepoly, LLC does not warranty the safety of the sites displaying these site seals and is not endorsing them in any way expressed or implicitly. Always apply your best judgement while transacting information with any website on the web.

BigCommerce Premium Template Customization

Posted by in Company,eCommerce | January 29, 2014

BigCommerce has rolled out a new product withing their eCommerce Platform. Now you have the option to buy and install Premium Templates and with this comes the need to customize it to fit your Business’ needs.

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