Online Store and Blog Integration


By now, most online retailers have realized the value behind having a Blog.

The content driven, keyword richness, linking platform, and traffic generating power behind a Blog can’t be overlooked in today’s online retail industry.

But be careful not to shoot yourself in the foot by having a complete different feel in your Blog than in your Online Store. Having a perfectly integrated Blog can boost your conversion rates (when done properly).

Take a look at these examples bellow showing complete integration between Online Store and Blog:

Decal My Wall - Side by and


Men And Beyond - Side by and


Gothic Lolita WIgs - Side by and


A few things to consider when integrating your Blog and your Online Store:

  • Use a custom subdomain to match your Store’s URL.
  • Match your store’s Favicon.
  • Match Header and Footer.
  • Match overall layout & design (2 columns, 3 columns, width, fonts, etc)
  • Integrate your Search Box to display product results.
  • Integrate product feeds such as newly added products.
  • Integrate Social networks.
  • Integrate Live Chat services.
  • Optimize for SEO (use nofollow tags when appropriate).
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